About us

We are a multidisciplinary company participating in many international industrial sectors. Throughout our expertise and knowledge, we assist our clients worldwide with services they require.

Our Services

Consultancy Services

We believe management consultancy is more than just giving advice. Our consultancy services are focused on providing clients with business-tailored solutions and opportunities through fully understanding the environment and risk exposures. Our services go beyond strategic consultancy. With the strong network of foreign professional companies, and our deep functional expertise, we help those who engage us, to achieve feasible project financing methods.

Engineering Services

In several sectors, we offer Technical and Engineering consultancy while profiting from International expertise and facilities. Fuels and Energy are our strongest domains and with years of experience in these fields we bring to-date technologies to our clients. Our activities also include, but not limited to, Plant/equipment Operation, Integrated Maintenance, performance analysis and commissioning.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Our marketing services are not limited to assistance and consultancy. We are also significantly focused on satisfying clients’ procurement needs in Engineering products. With a broad insight over the current market dynamics of key categories, and also our financial services, we will support our clients on all aspects of procurement in a project manner from the very first stage of resourcing international suppliers and manufacturers to the delivery stage, with step by step monitoring.

Human Resourcing & Training

Resourcing highly skilled and experienced manpower is one of our responsibilities. Years of partnership with prestigious HR companies, empowers us to support our technical services and recruit the work force from all over the world.

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